Saying I love you for the first time can be nearly impossible, which is probably why there are so many love songs out there to do it for you.  Here we’ve collected the top 8 ‘I Love You” songs for your boyfriend to help you get those words out. (Click through the titles for a YouTube video for each track!)

 Love You Always Forever by DonnIa Lewis This bouncy 90s pop song is the perfect way to start your “I Love You” playlist. Its quick tempo and bouncy beat will have you dancing in your seat, which is ideal because love should always be happy and energetic.

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I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden In the late 90s, Savage Garden provided a great number of songs that were perfect for the love struck teenager of the era. Their rich lyrics and delightful melodies still carry through to today with their heartfelt meanings.

P. S. I Love You by The Beatles This classic track by The Beatles is the perfect way to let him know that you love you, especially if circumstances have caused you to be separated for a time. There’s nothing sweeter than finding a P.S I Love You at the bottom of your letters (or text messages)

Shining Star by Earth, Wind, and Fire Heading back to the 70s, Earth Wind and Fire was known for their catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics, and Shining Star is no different. The catchy disco-ish tune will get you out on the dance floor and will bring a smile to your face. In spite of its age, it still remains one of the most effective I love you songs for your boyfriend.

Love Story by Taylor Swift Everyone dreams of having their own amazing love story, and this song captures that feeling beautifully. You’ve found your prince charming, and all you need to do is tell him how you feel to have your own happily ever after.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John This track is fantastic because not only is it filled with rich and heartfelt lyrics, it creates a great reminder of happy memories that Disney movies create. Plus, if you play the Disney version that starts with Timon’s little monologue, it’s sure to bring a smile to his face.

Hopelessly Devoted to You by Olivia Newton-John This classic track from the musical Grease can be a fun and playful way to tell him you love him, especially if you’re heading out for a night at the karaoke bar. If you can match Olivia Newton-John’s fantastic voice, that is!

I Just Can’t Stop Loving You by Michael Jackson The king of pop is known for his amazing dance moves and his rich and meaningful song lyrics. This song is a bit of a contrast from his normal high tempo pop tracks, but is still filled with love and emotion that can be perfect way to tell that special someone how you feel.

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Here are the top 8 I love you songs for your boyfriend. Good luck with all your romantic endeavors!