We all know about how soppy music can get – from the ballads of too many boy bands to truly resounding pieces of modern legend like that of Aerosmith (in our opinion!) and finding your favourite love songs is usually something quite easily done by some.

love songs

However, when it comes to trying to pick love songs for her or for him, you want to get something that’s both suited to their styles and personalities but also the moment and the reason you are playing this song. For the avoidance of doubt and drama, why not pick any of the following ten love songs? These are perfect love songs over the year that have been played at many a wedding and cried over by broken hearts the world over!

Angels – Robbie Williams

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England’s answer to a kind of poppy Liam Gallagher has produced many songs in his time, but the majority of them are feel good hits. Angels was actually a great song, it hits the right nerves and can certainly be traced back to those in their prime in the 90s as a soul-searching love song!

My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

The most common love song of all time, it’s the main theme in Titanic and has been acclaimed as one of the best love songs of all time due to this alone. While some may not be her biggest fan, there’s no doubting that Dion made history with this.

I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – Aersomith

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Used in the dramatic blockbuster Armageddon, this is one of those love songs that even men can enjoy! It’s a classic ballad with a lot of emotion in the vocal side of it as you would expect from Tyler, but it’s got a stunning lyrical set to go with. Up there with the best!

Heroes – David Bowie

Heroes is a different kind of love, but an extremely powerful kind of love in itself. While Heroes may not discuss the power of love in a relationship, it discusses the immense power of love itself and how it can make unthinkable acts of positivity occur. A truly outstanding song from one of music’s best ever artists.

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

A true favourite of those who enjoy soulful music. Used in the popular movie Pulp Fiction, Let’s Stay Together is “the” song for countless couples. Hey, it’s so good that it was performed by the President of the United States not too long ago!

Whether you like your proper ballads or something a little more jazzy and soulful, finding the best love songs on this planet is very difficult to do. After all, we all have our own perceptions and styles of what love entails, right?



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