Top 10 Bob Marley Songs

One of the most renowned international musicians is Bob Marley. The Caribbean singer is held in very high regard, especially in Jamaica, where he fought for equal rights and justice for everyone. He was also on the front-line of the Rastafarian movement. Marley wrote, recorded and performed his songs for almost two decades. His career was at its peak in the 70s and February 6th, 2015 would have been his 70th birthday if he hadn’t been claimed by cancer in 1981. The amazing part is that not only are Bob Marley quotes popular today, his songs still top various charts all over the world and his songs still influence and inspire countless people and artists.

top 10 Bob Marley Songs



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Here is a list of top 10 Bob Marley songs:

1. Three Little Birds

Airing first in June 1977, this song was written by Bob Marley himself, but he and The Wailers produced it together. Island Def Jam Record Label distributed the song, which is fun, catchy and easy to sing along to.


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2. One Love

Curtis Mayfield and Bob Marley wrote this song together. This was also released in June 1977 and produced by The Wailers and Bob Marley. The distributors were also the same. It is a thought provoking and deep song and the lyrics encourage people to unite and live together in harmony.

3. Buffalo Soldier

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Written by N.G. Williams and Bob Marley, this song was distributed by the Island Def Jam in May 1983. Produced by The Wailers, Bob Marley and Errol Brown, the song hits a political note as the plight of the Africans in the US is highlighted in the song during the Slave Trade.

4. No Woman, No Cry

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Produced by Steve Smith and Chris Blackwell, this song was released in August of 1975. Vincent Ford wrote the song and Island Def Jam distributed it. It sheds light on the poverty of ghettos such as Kingston and others in Jamaica.

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5. Jamming

Bob Marley wrote and performed this song and also produced it with The Wailers. Release in June 1977, this song was released by Marley for giving strength to those struggling and also promoted unity.

6. Could You Be Loved

Produced by The Wailers and Bob Marley and written by the latter, this song was launched in June 1980 and distributed by Island Def Jam. The song has a simple yet catchy and people find it easy to sing along to as it’s about love.

7. I Shot the Sheriff

Produced by Chris Blackwell and The Wailers, Bob Marley wrote this song and was a very controversial one. Universal Island Record Label distributed it after its release in October 1973.

8. Get Up, Stand Up

The Universal Island Record label released this song in September 1973 and produced by Chris Blackwell and The Wailers. Bob Marley and Peter Tosh wrote this song to encourage people to take a stand to bring change.

9. Is this Love?

Written by Bob Marley and produced by him and The Wailers, this song was released in February 1978 and distributed by Island Def Jam. The brilliant instrumental arrangement and romantic lyrics make it a timeless love song.

10. Lively up Yourself

A production of The Wailers and Tuff Gong, the song was written by Marley and released in October 1971. This groovy song was a collaboration of JAD and International Music Records.

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